I’ve been working remotely for almost a year now after working for four years in a crazy open space office with nerf darts, loud music, and Sarah Palin cuts traipsing around. Working remotely has been a nice change of pace and works well with my role at the startup. I’ve been working at a coffee shop for a first half of the day week and working at home for the remainder of the day. Don’t ask me how much I spend on coffee. Because I don’t know. Because I chose not to look at the bill. Because I figure it’s worth whatever it costs because it gets me out of the house. 

So I’ve had this little ache in my heart for a few months.I wasn’t really sure what it was: Am I not exercising enough? Is it altitude? Do I have a heart murmur? WEB MD TELL ME THE FUTURE!!!

I started asking around and turns out it’s loneliness.


I don’t have relationships since I never see the same person twice. Since moving to Colorado, I realized I am slightly more extroverted than I thought. Turns out the “I” in Myers-Briggs was only slightly on the left (towards I).

I honestly haven’t confronted that human emotion yet in my short life. Growing up as an only child, I learned to entertain myself or make conversation with adults. I can’t say I ever felt lonely. The more people I talk to, the more common I realize it is, and that makes me feel less alone. Praise God!

Now that I had more background on this ache, I researched some coworking (autocorrect always changes this to ‘cowering’, freudian slip?) spaces in Denver and the benefits of coworking.

Coworking can:
  • increase motivation
  • increase productivity
  • create community
  • provide exposure to other people and technologies
  • typically has access to a telephone room for private calls with customers
I went to a coworking space to see if that would alleviate the ache. Easily within 15 minutes it was gone because I felt this connection to other remote workers in the space. I was invited into a game of horseshoes as soon as I walked up. My heart screamed “FINALLY! Community!” I met several developers and foresaw the techie conversations we could have the excellent beer we could drink.

I asked my work if they would cover a coworking space and they said I didn’t fit the company policy (not enough of us working in Denver for them to pay for it). Which means I’d be out about $2000/month to pay for it. Yikes! If my soul health is declining quickly then it’d be worth it, but I just think that’s too pricey.

TL;DR I’m not going to pay for coworking, but I am going to reach out more to strangers at coffee shops around me and make it less like…strangers. More communal like. Maybe that’ll start something grand.

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