backpacking trail food doesn’t have to taste bad


You read that right.

And you can even do low FODMAPS while backpacking or hiking. Hard to google for those specific things but it can be done!

We did a combination of backpacking and car camping, so we had the advantage of using the cooler.

It’s also entirely possible to keep things funny. I like to draw pictures, such as Mario for the ‘Italian’ night of pepperoni, noodles, bell peppers and spices. Labels for the meal and the day are also helpful. Bags can be reused for trash or human refuse.


Check it out:

Day 1: all COOLER food

  1. B1: cooked bacon to share
  2. L1: chicken, mayo, cucumber, beets
  3. S1: peppers, olives
  4. D1: ground beef, sweet potatoes (pre cooked), bell peppers

Day 2: after B goes in your pack

  1. B2: COOLER, chicken, peppers, coconut milk, curry powder, tea
  2. L2: salami, swishing chard wraps, peppers
  3. S2: cucumbers, olives
  4. D2: dehydrated chocolate/mole chili, dark chocolate

Day 3

  1. B3: epic bar, almond butter, tea
  2. L3: cucumbers, sardines
  3. S3: 2 jerky, almond butter small

Day 4

  1. B4: epic bar, almond butter, tea
  2. L4: (repeat from day 2), salami, swiss chard, peppers
  3. S4: 2 jerky, almond butter small


  1. D4: dehydrated zoodles, unopened pepperoni, dehydrated olives and bell peppers, oregano, smoked paprika

Day 5

  1. B5: epic bar, almond butter
  2. Scrounge in cooler:
    1. leftover bonus food
    2. gas station
    3. roadkill | kidding

Bonus food in car

    1. Jerky, almond butter, sardines
    2. Cucumbers, baby carrots, bell peppers
    3. dark chocolate squares





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