slot canyon. rain. Lil’ Sebastian. changing plans.

Sometimes, you make a itinerary for a roadtrip that hit specific highlights. These highlights, perhaps, are famous in the US, made Backpacker magazine’s top 100 miles in the US, and can only be seen during a certain point in your life (notably when you are actually driving to that specific spot and certainly not when you are not, in fact, at that spot). And sometimes, you make the interary based on weather averages from the last four years.

Our first stop up on arriving in Zion National Park last week: the Narrows. Easily the most famous slot canyon in the US and the centrifugal force of Zion. Ok, fine, minus Angel’s Landing. And all those rock formation things.

We arrived in Zion NP at 3pm; plenty of time to see the Narrows.

Turns out that when snow melts, it can cause slot canyons to flood and, therefore, be dangerous.

Needless to say, we did not get to see the Narrows.

Due to (another) impending rain storm, the ranger recommended we stay at a local RV park. Not quite the remote, humanless, star-gluttoned campsite we envisioned, but hey, roadtrips are for flexibility, not rigidity.

As we setup our tent, the camp host, Kevin told us he was also a local guide. Kevin told us about a local slot canyon we could visit that was just a few miles up the road.

We strolled up a dirt road for a few miles and found that the exact slot canyon we came to experience.



I’m bummed we didn’t get to see THE Narrows, but local slot canyons are a solid second place. Or maybe even first. #localswin

And then we drove past a farm that had TWO Lil’ Sebastians (RIP). Day sealed.



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