Three day paleo backpacking menu


Here is what I’m tentatively planning for our three day trip this weekend. I will update my learnings on this post after the trip.

I have certain digestive considerations, so this menu is paleo mostly-FODMAP friendly.


B= breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner, S = snack

# = the day

D0.5 cooler? kale salad, chicken, carrots

Friday day 1
B1: epic bar, banana? strawberries?, mushroom tea
L1: salami, 1/2 bell peppers, parsnips, strawberries?
D1: chili, plantain chips
S1: lara bar

Saturday day 2
B2: dehydrated eggs, oatmeal, 1/2 almond butter packet, mushroom tea
L2: salami*, 1/2 bell pepper, mustard, beet chips
D2: salami, sweet potatoes, curry powder, dehydrated ginger
S2: homemade lara bar, jerky

*Note: if I was sharing this menu with someone else, this salami would be gone, I don’t like to eat the same food for two days in a row, see Principles at the bottom

Sunday day 3
B3: salami (probably will be left over, depends on the hungries), granola, 1/2 almond butter packet, mushroom tea
L3: pepperoni, beet chips, carrots
(maybe in the car, stove not needed)
D3: pepperoni, dehydrated zucchini, carrots
S3: coconut lara bar, plantain chips, jerky, probably pepperoni still

Food stuffs that I already has:
beet chips – bought

dehydrated ginger – bought
dehydrated olives – I did it!
dehydrated zucchini – I did it!
almond butter
cucumbers – kinda heavy though, not nutritionally dense
swiss chard as wraps – needed? super messy with mustard
dark chocolate (not for warm weather)
olive/coconut oil

North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Sept 2010

Basic principles

  • Appropriate veggie portion at L and D, enough to keep things moving in the ‘ol tract but not weigh down my pack or body
  • Specific food notes
    • don’t use bananas after B1, too much weight to carry the peel
    • peppers don’t last more than 2 days, more like 1 day
    • B1 strawberries or blueberries b/c little refuse
    • homemade Lara cocoa bars good
    • don’t have two lara bars in same day or same meal
    • 1 nut serving/day, watch nut intake b/c upsets stomach
  • Variety
    • if you’re gonna eat the same thing two days in a row, spread it out to day 1 and day 3 to get variety
    • don’t eat the same foods every day or every meal
    • I’m not this picky in my non-backpacking life, but variety is so so important for me while backpacking
  • Pre-dehydrated things that are good:
    • dehydrated sweet potatoes good
    • dehydrated veggies humble house good, add spices!
  • Macros
    • for more calories, add olive oil to dinners
    • high carb works great at dinner, get at least 60 g/meal
    • eat high carb and fat at dinner
  • light B, eat half of B at B and rest at S1 before lunch
  • if possible, have a cooler in the car full of FRESH food for when you get to the car, you’ll be hungry and want food!
  • rice cakes are too delicate, too much weight




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