Hi y’all!

I am a seminary student (M Div) writing about formation and soul care and the outdoors. And other ramblings.

Right now, I’m particularly digging Ignatian & Jesuit spirituality, individual and communal spirituality (and how it has developed over the course of church history), prayer coloring, and the Enneagram. I love love love Spiritual Direction and I think everyone should do it.

I’m based in Denver and my primary sport is backpacking.

Besides backpacking, I enjoy snowshoeing, cycling, cold brew coffee, and building snow forts. I enjoy drinking hard cider or a margarita around a fire or a curled up in my hammock with a good book or journaling. Probably dreaming about raising a herd of huskies dogs in Wyoming or running a retreat center.

I worked in technology for four years and as a Registered Dietitian for two years. And now, seminary.

If this interests you: Enneagram 5 wing 6, INFJ, left handed, snarky, vitamin bacon, Hufflepuff.


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